I Bought A Plot!


Sounds dark doesn't it? Well it's rather the opposite. I bought a plot of dirt in a community garden! I'm so excited to start growing tomatoes, squash, collard greens and flowers. When my boyfriend and I got to the garden to choose our plot, the vivacious garden organizer said she was surprised to see young people wanting to start their own garden. In fact, while most friends and family thought it was a cool idea to start a garden, there were definitely some that questioned if I had hit some sort of early midlife crisis. Thinking about it, maybe I have. Hopefully not in the length of time I'll be on earth. But in the "I've been living all wrong, let me change my ways".. way. You'll learn more about me over the next... however long it takes me to yield a harvest, but I'm a passionate person. Whether I'm pursuing my lifelong dream of being a professional actor, starting a non-profit organization based on the game of golf, starting a podcast, doing voiceover work and reading until my eyes burn, if I want to do it it usually gets done. 

My inquisitive relationship to food started when I became a vegetarian after college. I wish I could say it started much earlier, but to be honest I was a picky eater before this and often repeated meals. So once I decided to cut out animals and animal by products, I had to re-learn how to properly fuel my body. And yes, before you ask, you can get all your protein from plant based foods. After four years as a vegetarian and one as a vegan I felt like I had a pretty good grasp on food and how it worked with my body. So when I started eating meat again (different blog for a different day), I still assumed I'd be able to keep my grasp on food. Now this isn't a "I should've stayed a vegetarian" blog entry. But what eating meat did make me realize is that I had less of a connection to where my food came from. I was visiting farmers markets less, not eating as many vegetables or fruits and was once again disassociating my food from the road it had to take to get in my shopping cart.

Now listen, if you live of a farm and raise animals and want to eat them, I say 'HELL YES!', where do you live and can I get a piece of that shoulder. But looking down at the carefully plastic wrapped piece of dead flesh, I realized that I wanted a more direct relationship with my food. And well, the best way to have that is to grow it! 

In addition to the cultural and literal benifits of attempting to be a black gardener, I love a challenge. I love setting my mind to do  something and achieving it. And I think I'll really love eating the fruits of my labor. All pun intended. I've already sparked self-interest in minimalism & zero/low waste living so I figured this is only the next natural step. 

I hope you'll enjoy this journey with me. If you have a green thumb, leave a few tips and tricks for getting started below! 

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